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Time Machine in Action!

Nine Time Tested Tips for Planning an Extraordinary Special Event on a Budget!

Over the years, we have attended hundreds of special events. Our work with various companies has taken us all over the nation, involving diverse hosts, services and decor. There are, however, a few common threads.

  • Hosts want to give their guests something ‘Extra Special.’
  • Multiple event companies often bid for the same potential client.
  • ‘Elaborate’ usually equals effort and expense, yet does not necessarily translate to a lasting impact on guests.
  • There are always a few outstanding events that guests remember and talk about years afterward.
  • The biggest and most expensive events are not necessarily the memorable ones.
  • Guests do enjoy seeing recognizable celebrities and guests do like party favors.

Taking all of this into consideration, we've outlined some winning strategies to consider when trying to create a successful special event.

  1. Create an Experience

    Every event coordinator must create a plan, but many fail to design an EXPERIENCE. Although chairs are a common requisite, chances are your goal is not to create a frenzied focus on the seating.

    So what are your goals? Ask yourself the following questions about the event:

    • What could actually help increase attendance to the event?
    • What will create an exciting buzz spreading all across the event?
    • What will produce an emotional response in guests?
    • What will guests remember and talk about, long after they have returned home?

    When we rent the DeLorean Time Machine for companies to use at events, all four goals are accomplished almost instantly! Studies show that guests remember EXPERIENCES more than the type of flatware or the color of carpeting. With the DeLorean Time Machine, guests (and maybe future clients!) engage in a stimulating experience with music, fog, lights and strobes, all emanating from the most famous movie car 'of all Time!' The vehicle produces smiles from everyone who views it, sparking their imaginations or perhaps fond memories of the wonderful film Back to the Future™. What better mood for a guest to be in, particularly at a fund raising event? Use the car as the ultimate 'ice-breaker', adapting their enthusiasm for the vehicle into the evening’s purpose.

    Linking your business with a positive experience at events will produce lasting results, and incorporating our spectacular 'time-proven' display can do just that. Contact us today and use our experience to give clients their own unforgettable experience!

  2. Stand Out in a Crowd

    In a field of event specialists, (many of whom may be offering similar things), you need to STAND OUT! The challenge of any successful event professional is to do something unique, something unexpected, (something impossible!) compared to other events.

    Now, if we may share some personal observations. Over the years, while appearing with our DeLorean Time Machine, we are continuously reminded how much the car 'stands out' on a highway full of other vehicles. When driving to events, we enjoy playing the game of counting how many 'honks', 'thumbs up', and camera flashes we get from other passing vehicles. It is amazing how many folks go out of their way to share their enthusiasm on the road in such a manner!

    Upon arriving at the ‘back door’ of events, we are often encircled by caterers, security guards, tent workers and other staff, all crowding to take a look at something they view as out-of-the-ordinary. I can only imagine that over the years, these folks have seen it all; every decoration, every lighting rig, etc. for every event, passing through the loading doors, and I am humbled by their special attention to our car.

    As we set up, driving the Time Machine into it's awaiting space, the car draws an unprecedented kind of attention. This is always a nice pre-show confidence builder for the event professional, and more importantly, their client -the host.

    Finally, when the event begins, and the space fills with people, guests are invariably thrilled by the blinking lights and puffs of fog from 'reactor vents’, whether revealed in a staged grand entrance with a V.I.P. passenger, or as a central display piece.

    Needless to say, standing out in a crowd can be a difficult challenge, but is effortlessly achieved with our services. Contact us today — we'd love the opportunity to help make your event OUTSTANDING!

  3. A Message with Style!

    What kind of image does the event strive to portray? Sophistication? Technology? Hope for the Future? By integrating the message with a clever theme, you instantly increase the retention rate and the overall impact.

    The plain display with generic decor will be overlooked or easily forgotten. Create an impression on guests minds by associating the message with the spectacle of the DeLorean Time Machine!

    Does the event honor V.I.P.’s for their service and time? Is the host’s company celebrating a milestone in it’s history? What better way to illustrate this notion than with a 'Time Machine!' Incorporate the Time Machine’s attributes with the company's message! There are endless possibilities limited only by the imagination! Have an office contest to come up with the best theme, slogan or message!

    • 'Welcome FUTURE Clients!'
    • Honoring Our HISTORY.
    • Preparing for a happy FUTURE!
    • A company whose TIME has come!
    • Products ahead of their TIME!
    • Historic breakthroughs in Technology!
    • A charity that goes beyond the time-space continuum.
    • FAST, Out-of-this world, Innovative, Leaving competitors in the past, etc.

    Have some fun with event slogans, associating them with this impressive car. You're company will be long remembered for it's resourcefulness in presenting such a rare spectacle for their enjoyment! Contact us today (or yesterday!) to rent this DeLorean Time Machine.

  4. Avoiding Pitfalls and Unnecessary Expenses

    Planning, financing and setting up a successful event can be a challenge. It requires a sufficient budget and smart designing to come out on top. Let's start with some of the considerations of event designs:

    • How much room will you need for your decor?
    • How long will your displays take to set up? (Time is money.)
    • Are you required to pay expensive Union labor to install it?
    • How long does it take to tear down?
    • What are the shipping, insurance and storage fees?
    • Will your displays be shipped on time and arrive undamaged?

    Most of these concerns vanish when companies rent our DeLorean Time Machine for their event. Imagine your event's featured display piece personally calling to reassure you it's on time and will be ready! We've displayed in events as small as a conference room, maximizing impact with efficient use of space. When displayed with a simple, tasteful sign, set up and tear down time is at a bare minimum!

    Even when making a grand appearance on stage, the spectacle far exceeds the preparation. Lights, fog and even a booming external sound system are all built in! And after the event, the ignition key is turned and the car simply drives out the door. No packing, no storage expenses and no shipping insurance worries. Maximum impact with minimal effort! Avoid unnecessary troubles and worries at your event. Contact us today and let us make your event logistics as pleasant as a Sunday drive!

  5. Spend Smart, and Spend Less!

    Some hosts worry that they must have a huge budget for their event, in order to properly impress and thrill their guests. In a tight economy, this can cause a feeling of hopelessness. Even in a good economy, there will always be a bigger event, with a bigger budget, spending more in an attempt to ‘out do’ the little guy.

    While you may not have their budget, you can bring to the table something that NO ONE else will have. (A DeLorean Time Machine, perhaps?!)

    You can come in with a low bid and still make a profit over those who seek to outspend, -by out smarting them! Many large companies may invest hundreds of thousands in fancy glass fixtures or flat screen TVs, sound systems, dazzling lights, special effects, and more. The DeLorean Time Machine already comes with this, -and a lot more! Overstuffed furniture and chocolate fountains are nice, but the end sum still does not amount to anything you could classify as 'Spectacular' (as in the word 'spectacle.') Is the client really going to walk around afterwards telling everyone about the potted plants, or how nicely the napkins were folded into the shape of animals? Probably not.

    Grab your host's attention with a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle and let them promote you from that moment on by telling everyone they know about what they have seen! Spend your clients money wisely. Consider renting the DeLorean Time Machine to give them more bang for the buck! Contact us today!

  6. Celebrity Appearances

    Celebrity appearances are an effective way to draw a crowd, but the cost can be substantial. They may only agree to appear for just a few minutes, disappointing eager fans who all want to have their own moment with the celebrity to ask questions, or snap a photograph.

    Of course there are also horror stories about some celebrities who are difficult to work with. While this may be rare, a few may present real problems that you never bargained for. With the most famous movie car 'of all time' appearing at your event, guests can enjoy being close to a 'Celebrity Car' throughout the entire duration of the event, with no worries or anxiety about missing it! To date, our DeLorean has happily posed for more than one million pictures with enthusiastic fans — and still loves the attention!

    Over the years, we have had the fortunate opportunity of meeting some real life celebrities, and most of them are genuinely wonderful fellow human beings. If your budget does allow, you might consider combining a star from the movies with the car! We've done it and it can truly put an outstanding display over-the-top! Contact us today and let our DeLorean Time Machine make your event a 'star-studded' spectacle!

  7. Event Free Giveaways

    Over the years, we've personally been given tons of party favors at events. Some are cute for the moment, but eventually, they all end up in the trash. They break, they get dirty, or the batteries die, and they all have a limited dusty shelf life. If only you could offer event guests something PRICELESS, yet at little expense to yourself. You can!

    Think about it. What are the most treasured items in a person's life? Or to put it another way, what is the one thing people will run back into a burning house for? Certainly NOT an imprinted balloon!

    Studies have shown that people value their photographs as 'priceless', and would even forsake jewelry, fur coats and other replaceable items in order to save their photo album memories. We've experienced event after event, where guests line up for a photograph with the DeLorean Time Machine. When you give someone an instant picture of themselves standing with this 'Star Car', you are giving them an experience as well as a lasting memory that they can share with others and talk about. When placed within a cardboard or digital frame, stamped with your logo and contact information, you increase the impact! You have engaged them personally, creating a keepsake that involves their very image! Their photo with the time machine may make it's way to the company cork board, refrigerator, or maybe even the interoffice newsletter and website. But this is one event freebie that is not destined for the garbage can.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, contact us, and put this unique word-of-mouth advertising to work for you today!

  8. Generate Funds with a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

    Occasionally, we have participated in raffles or silent auctions with charities like Make-A-Wish, by offering one lucky winner a ride ’20 minutes into the future’, as a co-pilot in the DeLorean Time Machine. When the situation is conducive to this type of activity, it not only raises a lot of money for the event, but it can give a guest (or V.I.P., or differently gifted child) the thrill of a lifetime. To climb into the cockpit, enter the exact day, month and year of choice on the time circuits, and activate the flux capacitor is a fantasy brought to life right out of the silver screen. Time traveling through the city in a DeLorean Time Machine is an experience like no other.

    An official Time Travel Certificate can be issued, and the interior passenger-side video camera can record the ‘time leap’ to be relived at a later time, over and over!

    If you want to give your event host a special gift in the form of a ride in the time machine, or as an item for their silent auction, contact us now now to make everyone a winner.

  9. Enjoy Full Theme Support!

    Take advantage of the world’s foremost authority of anything and everything related to Back to the Future™ through’s additional services. Creators of the films, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, have lauded founder Stephen Clark, saying even Universal Studios could not do as good a job! maintains a mind-blowing archive, from never before seen production photographs, to an extensive line of one-of-a-kind props, posters, replicas, and even life-size standing figures.

    In addition, stocks the finest and broadest selection of Back to the Future™ officially licensed merchandise, which event organizers can use as gifts, table centerpieces, and more. is quite simply your one-stop resource and full-service consultant for any event that features the Back to the Future™ theme.

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Additional Photos: Grenex Media
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